Project publications

Here is a list of EngLaId relevant publications by project members to date:

Franconi, T. & Green, C. 2019. Broad and Coarse: Modelling Demography, Subsistence and Transportation in Roman England. In: P. Verhagen, J. Joyce, & M. Groenhuijzen (eds.) Finding the Limits of the Limes: Modelling Demography, Economy and Transport on the Edge of the Roman Empire. Cham: Springer, 61-75.

Green, C. 2019. Cartography and Quantum Theory: in defence of distribution mapping. In: M. Gillings, P. Hacigüzeller, G. Lock (eds.) Re-mapping Archaeology: Critical Perspectives, Alternative Mappings. Abingdon: Routledge, 281-299.

Ten Harkel, L., Franconi, T. & Gosden, C. 2017. Fields, ritual and religion: holistic approaches to the rural landscape in long-term perspective (c.1500 BC–AD 1086). Oxford Journal of Archaeology 36(4), 413-437.

Cooper, A. and Green, C. 2017. Big Questions for Large, Complex Datasets: approaching time and space using composite object assemblages. Internet Archaeology 45.

Green, C., Gosden, C., Cooper, A., Franconi, T., Ten Harkel, L., Kamash, Z. & Lowerre, A. 2017. Understanding the spatial patterning of English archaeology: modelling mass data from England, 1500BC to AD1086. Archaeological Journal 174(1), 244-280.

Cooper, A. 2016. “Held in Place”: Round Barrows in the Later Bronze Age of Lowland Britain. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 82, 291–322.

Cooper, A. 2016. Other Types of Meaning: Relationships between Round Barrows and Landscapes from 1500 BC–AD 1086. Cambridge Archaeological Journal 26(4), 665–96.

Cooper, A. and Green, C. 2016. Embracing the complexities of archaeological ‘big data’: the case of the English Landscape and Identities project. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 23(1), 271-304.

Stansbie, D. and Mallet, S. 2015. “Big, bad (?) data. New approaches to the study of food, identity and landscape in early medieval England.” Medieval Settlement Research 30, 16-24.

Donnelly, V., Green, C. and Ten Harkel, L. 2014. “English Landscapes and Identities. The early medieval landscape: methods and approaches.” Medieval Settlement Research 29, 43-55.

Ten Harkel, L. 2014. ‘The English Landscapes and Identities Project’, Dissertation Reviews – Medieval Studies – Talking Shop, 6 May 2014 (Available here).

Cooper, A., Green, C., Kamash, Z. and Ten Harkel, L. 2013. Afterword. Landscapes 14(1), 113-14.

Fairclough, G. and Stamper, P (eds); guest editors L. Ten Harkel, A. Cooper and Z. Kamash, 2013. Landscapes 14: 1.

Gosden, C. 2013. Fields, in S. Bergerbrandt and S. Sabatini (eds) Counterpoint: Essays in Archaeology and Heritage Studies in Honour of Professor Kristian Kristiansen: 111-7. Oxford: BAR International Series 2508.

Ten Harkel, L. 2013. Landscapes and Identities: The case of the English landscape c. 1500 BC – AD 1986. Post-Classical Archaeologies 3: 349-56.

Green, C. 2013. Archaeology in broad strokes: collating data for England from 1500 BC to AD 1086. In: A. Chrysanthi, D. Wheatley, I. Romanowska, C. Papadopoulos, P. Murrieta-Flores, T. Sly, G. Earl (eds.) Archaeology in the Digital Era: Papers from the 40th Annual Conference of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), Southampton, 26-29 March 2012. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press: 307-312. Available at

Ten Harkel, L., C. Gosden, A. Cooper, M. Creswell, C. Green and L. Morley. 2012. Understanding the Relationship between Landscape and Identity: A Case Study from Dartmoor and the Tamar Valley, Devon, c. 1500 BC – AD 1086. eTopoi: Journal for Ancient Studies. Available at

Gosden, C. 2012. Extended and Condensed relations: bringing together landscapes and artefacts, in A. M. Jones, J. Pollard, M. Allen, and J. Gardiner (eds) Image, Memory and Monumentality. Archaeological Engagements with the Material World: 127-35. Oxford: Oxbow Books. Prehistoric Society Research Paper No. 5.

Gosden, C., A. Cooper, M. Creswell, C. Green, L. ten Harkel, Z. Kamash, L. Morley, J. Pybus and X. Xiong, 2012. The English Landscape and Identities Project. Antiquity 86: 332. Available at

Gosden, C. and L. Ten Harkel. 2011. English Landscapes and Identities. The Early Medieval Landscape: a perspective from the past. Medieval Settlement Research 26, 1-10.

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