New collaborations: EngLaId and Historypin

The EngLaId team is currently exploring the possibility of developing collaborations with Historypin (

Tony Morris and Rebekkah Abraham from Historypin, visiting the EngLaId team

Both projects share an interest in recording the past on a hitherto unprecedented scale through the use of innovative technology. Although Historypin works mainly with historical photographs and EngLaId focuses its attention on archaeological data, it was felt that both teams could learn from each other’s approaches and methodologies.

Rebekkah Abraham from Historypin

For that reason, the EngLaId team enjoyed a short presentation, given by Rebekkah Abraham, Historypin’s Content Manager, which set out the background to the Historypin initiative and described some of its current projects and collections from England and elsewhere in the world, including some wonderful collections of old excavation photographs. In return, Chris Gosden gave a brief presentation on the EngLaId project.

Chris Gosden, explaining the finer details of EngLaId's developing methodology





In the end, it was decided that a preliminary project may be developed in first instance between Historypin and the EngLaId project artist, Miranda Creswell. Miranda’s involvement in the EngLaId project shares Historypin’s strong interest in public engagement.

Watch this space as well as the EngLaId visual blog ( for further details on this exciting new development!