Monday lecture

Just a short post for any readers in Oxford to say that Chris Green, Letty ten Harkel and Anwen Cooper will be speaking to the university Archaeological Society on Monday 3rd Feb at 7pm, here in the Institute of Archaeology, on “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: landscapes, data and practice in English archaeology.”  We’ll leave you to guess which of us is which.

CAA UK, 21-22 March 2014

This is just a short announcement to say that the UK chapter meeting of Computer Applications in Archaeology is coming to Oxford in March this year.

Abstract submission is now open here.

Field system orientation (II)

Further to my previous post, I have now made a test of my field system orientation analysis method in another part of England.  This time, I decided to take a chunk of the extensive late prehistoric / Roman field systems of South Yorkshire / Nottinghamshire.  The section is question was south of Doncaster on the Yorks / Lincs border, plotted by Alison Deegan as part of the Magnesian Limestone ALSF NMP.

Layout of field system south of Doncaster.

Here is the resulting bearing / distance graph, as previously constructed for the SPTA:

Radial graph for south of Doncaster.

Hopefully, it should be apparent that this field system is much less strongly aligned on a pair of perpendicular bearings.  I think that there is some north-south / east-west bias, but the pattern is much less strong than that seen in the SPTA results.

Chris Green