CAA 2014, Paris

I just returned from this year’s Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods (CAA) conference, which was held in Paris last week.  Overall, the conference was a great success, despite a number of teething troubles (particularly with IT support [ironically?]).


I spoke on the Friday morning about using Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle as a metaphor for good cartographic practice.  I’ll try to write more about that at a later time.


One particularly impressive visualization of data that I saw was Lost Change, which maps PAS coins and their mint locations.  Another very interesting paper I heard was about MicroPasts (another British Museum backed venture), which is designed to allow archaeologists to access crowdsourced labour and crowdfunded funding.  I also enjoyed Philip Verhagen’s paper, as his project is encountering many of the same data rationalization issues as our own (and he only has to work with a single source database, rather than the 70+ that we are trying to combine).


There is a storify of the conference tweets here:

Next year’s CAA will be in Siena, Italy.  They know how to pick places with good food and good cheer!

Chris Green

Author: Chris Green

Postdoctoral Researcher (GIS)

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