The Archaeological Investigations Project (AIP)

As previously mentioned, the Archaeological Investigations Project (AIP), based at the University of Bournemouth, has been gathering brief details of developer-funded archaeology that has taken place in England since 1990.  They provide an excellent, useful resource for archaeological researchers, but unfortunately we understand that their funding has now come to an end, at least until early 2013.  We were particularly sad to hear that Ehren Milner was losing his job, as he has been very helpful to us in our work on the EngLaId project.  We wish Ehren all the best for the future and hope that the AIP is able to continue their excellent work at some point soon.

In the meanwhile and until they are back up and running properly, I have written some Python code to convert the “xls” files downloadable from their website into a data format more suited to GIS analysis (i.e. a shapefile).  This is complicated slightly by the fact that the downloads are not, in fact, xls files but tables coded in html.  The code is rather EngLaId specific in some of its content, but I thought I would share it here in case it is of use to anyone else using AIP data.  The code should be available here:

It is probably a bit overcomplicated and not especially efficient (as I wrote it for my own occasional use only, primarily), but it might help anyone else trying to do similar things.  I cannot promise that it will work 100% of the time, but it seems to have worked for me!  The code is commented, so adaptation did not ought to be too difficult…

Chris Green

Author: Chris Green

Postdoctoral Researcher (GIS)

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