Nationwide survey – what would you be interested in seeing?

As our databases are nearing completion, we will shortly be in a position to begin looking at patterns in our data on the scale of all of England.  Our basic methodology for beginning to do this has been described previously (1) (2).  Obviously, this will just be one element of what we will be undertaking as part of this nationwide study, and we will also be looking in more detail at the form of features in the rural landscape (using NMP data primarily).

During our discussions with archaeological researchers across England over the last 8 months or so, it has become clear to us that many people have quite particular ideas about what they would like to see out of our England-wide survey, for instance the mapping together of particular sets of evidence.  Obviously because of the scale of our dataset we are also aware that we won’t be able to pursue all potential avenues of research.  Consequently, and since, as a project, we wish to be as open to outside ideas as we can, we thought this might be a good time to give blog-readers the opportunity to mention any groups of evidence that they would particularly like to see mapped and analysed on a nationwide scale?  All thoughts are welcome!

If you are interested in making any suggestions to us, please feel free to do so, either by commenting on this post or via email.