CAA 2012

CAA 2012 - Joined-Up Data
John Pybus speaks to the assembled CAA delegates about EngLaId.

Last week, two members of the EngLaId team attended 2012’s international Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) at the University of Southampton.

John Pybus spoke in the session Joined-Up Data: what are the new research questions?  His paper discussed some of the ways in which our project is hoping to use semantic web technologies to help us answer our research questions.

Chris Green spoke in the session Large databases and datasets about the proposed methodology by which we are attempting to bring together our multiple and very varied datasets within a single analytical GIS environment (see previous blog post for some of the detail).  Chris will be presenting a longer version of this paper at the IfA conference in Oxford on 18 April, in the session Where’s IT all going 2?

Useful comment on both papers was gratefully received.  The Proceedings should be published in early 2013.  Next year’s CAA is in Perth, Australia, again at the end of March: Chris is certainly hoping to attend.

Author: Chris Green

Postdoctoral Researcher (GIS)

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