A productive week or so!

The last couple of weeks have been very productive for the EngLaId team in many respects.

We are extremely grateful to Nick Boldrini, Lesley Mitchell, and Bryn Tapper from Durham, Greater Manchester and Cornwall HERs respectively, for extracting HER data for their areas for the EngLaId project. Bryn and Nick have been really helpful both in terms of providing detailed advice about the HER data from their areas and offering useful suggestions with regards to some of the project’s future outputs. We are particularly grateful to Lesley for managing to extract the data for the project prior to the temporary closure of the Greater Manchester HER while it relocates to Salford.

EngLaId’s recent progress with populating the project database has been assisted greatly by the commissioning, at the suggestion of Mike Hemblade (North Lincolnshire HER) and Penny Ward (Shropshire HER), of an ExeGesIS query to extract bulk downloads of HER data from HERs using HBSMR software (http://www.esdm.co.uk/hbsmr.asp). This includes the vast majority of HERs in England and more broadly. The query will hopefully facilitate greatly for HER Officers, the process of extracting the significant volume of data that the EngLaId project requires. We really appreciate the ExeGesIS team’s promptness in producing this query.

More broadly, Chris Green (GIS) and John Pybus (eResources) had some good feedback on the papers they gave at the Computer Applications in Archaeology conference in Southampton (more to follow). Letty Ten Harkel (early medieval researcher) is progressing well with her paper for the forthcoming international Landscape Archaeology Conference in Berlin (http://www.geo.fu-berlin.de/geog/fachrichtungen/physgeog/lac2012/). Meanwhile Miranda Cresswell (project artist) has been making the most of the sunshine and working intensively on drawings at both Port Meadow in Oxford and at Danebury Iron Age hillfort (see http://visualenglaid.wordpress.com/ for the latest updates).

Finally, Laura Morley (research coordinator) thoroughly enjoyed her visit to Preston to the NW regional HER meeting on 28th March. As has been the case at all of the regional HER meetings the EngLaId team has participated in recently, the discussions held were very constructive. Helpful suggestions and advice from those involved regarding the project’s research plans were gratefully received.

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