Database progress

Thank you to all the HER professionals who the EngLaId project team are currently in dialogue with about accessing HER data for the whole of England – your constructive input is very much appreciated. We are particularly grateful to David Evans who sent though the HER dataset for South Gloucestershire this week. Our technical experts in eResources are now busy building the HER data which we’ve already been given into the project database. Thanks also to Steve Northcott who has volunteered to produce a database of grey literature for Bodmin Moor, one of the project’s main case studies. This will list all grey reports available for sites producing evidence dating from 1500 BC-1086 AD on Bodmin Moor using data from the Archaeological Investigations Project (AIP) website ( It will also indicate which of these reports are currently available online in the Archaeological Data Services’ (ADS) grey literature library. This will be invaluable resource when it comes to looking in detail at evidence from the case study areas. Once this task is completed for Bodmin Moor, we hope to produce similar databases for other case study areas.